Kubernetes Simplified!

Deploy, Operate, and Optimize Applications on Kubernetes!

Nirmata & Kubernetes 

Now you can deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters, and manage Kubernetes applications, on any cloud using Nirmata. With Nirmata, it is easier than ever for DevOps teams to adopt Kubernetes and gain unprecedented agility and flexibility.

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If you already have a Kubernetes cluster, you can add it to Nirmata and automate application delivery and management. 

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"Nirmata lets us manage multiple Kubernetes clusters in different cloud providers with a single orchestration layer." 

- Orchestrating Containers with Nirmata by Eric Shanks, Senior Solutions Architect  

"..the most common complaint about Kubernetes is that it’s a bit hard to use, especially for neophytes. Therefore, Nirmata is clearly filling a need."

- Nirmata’s Cloudy Control-Plane Is The Catalyst For Container Calm by Ethan Banks, Co-founder of Packet Pushers Interactive

"Nirmata is able to manage disparate Kubernetes, AWS and GCP clusters seamlessly form a single, simple UI."

- Nirmata is the cross-cloud orchestrator of orchestrators by Joep Piscaer, VMware Certified Design Expert