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Myth: Kubernetes is secure by default.

Reality: Kubernetes provides the building blocks, but requires platform engineering teams to manage complex configurations for security and compliance. Learn how policy management helps replace gates with guardrails!

Hardly a week goes by without news of a security breach. A recent survey reported that 93% of respondents experienced one or more security incidents in their Kubernetes environments in the 12 months with one-third attributing revenue or customer loss to the incidents.

Without automated, scalable Kubernetes native policy management in place, businesses risk falling victim to new threats while losing the trust and business from their customers.

This guide offers actionable advice to automate and embed security guardrails into the core of your Kubernetes build, deployment, and operational processes across your clusters and workloads.

In this free guide, you will learn:

  • What is policy management
  • Why Kubernetes requires policy management
  • How does Kubernetes policy management work
  • What are the different policy types in Kubernetes
  • How to apply policies to mitigate software supply chain risks, malicious threat actors, and other security concerns
  • How to leverage policies for operational efficiencies and cost management
  • How to evaluate various policy management solutions
  • Tips to get started