IQVIA, the Largest Healthcare Data Science Company Chooses Nirmata for Kubernetes Operations, Management, and Governance to Improve Access and Democratize Healthcare Data for Pharmaceuticals.

IQVIA’s global vision as a human data science company is to improve access and democratize healthcare data for the pharmaceutical sector using Nirmata’s Kubernetes management and governance features. With no tools in place to aid with deployment, IQVIA needed more reliable controls and seamless deployment measures, especially to familiarize DevOps teams.

  • Shortening the Kubernetes learning curve
  • Lowering the DevOps barriers to entry
  • Easily finding and fixing issues with clusters
  • Streamlining operations and efficiency
  • Increasing secure access to data


"We used to do major deployments over the weekends – it typically took four to six hours just to make sure everything works. Now, with Nirmata, we push, deploy, and test within an hour." – Krishna Boppana, Head of Technology, IQVIA